October 01, 2012

The Beginning of Anything.

Yay! Finally convinced myself to create a blog. Why only I made this blog now? That's because I'm not good at expressing myself and I have disorganized thoughts. So bear with me if my posts are not that fun or entertaining to read. 

Let the pictures speak for itself.
It all started when I first came here in United States on the year 2010. 

I still remember the moment the plane landed on SFO, I said to myself, 
"This is it. I'm already here. It's the beginning of  anything. Anything could happen".  (Feels like I'm in a movie..)

For a year of staying here, I've been feeling a lack of interest or what we call boredom which is why I came up with the name ennuiheart. . Ennui is the French term for boredom. The name I commonly used on my other online accounts. 

So to make up for my ennui moments, I became interested on fashion. Not on the high end but just fashion for less. I believe that it's not about the brand, it's all about the style then I decided to create a lookbook account to express my style. Every time I think of an outfit to wear, I grabbed my camera and shoot. 

My first shot on my lookbook.
Hat, Dress and Accessories: Forever21
Edited by: John Wil
(Samsung TL105 Digital Camera)

I didn't have a DSLR camera, so I shoot using my Samsung TL105 Digital Camera at that time. I get a lot of questions before and at present of how or who took all my photos on my lookbook, so can you guess who is it?  Well it's just me, my camera and of course with the assistance of the tripod. It was pretty hard at first but eventually I managed to do all my photoshoot by myself. 

That's all for now.
As for my first post on my blog, I appreciate all kinds of feedback. Please comment below. 


  1. perfectly said ms. ennuiheart...
    tsk tsk..
    looking forward to all your posts.
    -forgot to include that one if you're interested in people to know you by real name :]

    just a thought:]

  2. Hi faye

    now that you have a D90 SLR everything is getting more interesting :D


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