October 01, 2012


I can't forget the first day I came here at Sacramento or shall I say my first day in US. It was almost fall I think. The first store I went was Walmart.  I still remember my mom said to me that I had to take a picture with the Walmart sign which I did. (Filipinos really love to take pictures wherever they go.) I can't remember what we bought there. 
So my parents drove me around Sacramento and my mom bought me my first pair of shoes,    a fall/winter boots which I wear it until now. At first I don't know what style to look for because it was my first time buying those kind of shoes. 
When my mom introduced me to a store called Ross, it is an outlet store where you can shop all kinds of stuff at affordable prices and that was the time I became more interested on fashion. Whenever I bought stuff from there, I played dress up, mix and matching clothes when I get home and take a snapshots of what I'm wearing.

When my ennui strikes, I always surf the internet, go online. Right then, I was curious about the Forever21 store, what kind of clothes they have so I browsed on their store online and found out they have good and amazing stuff, add to that they are so affordable and up to date. Starting there, I got hooked on F21. 

These were my very first Forever 21 haul I purchased online. 

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